Lead Ovarian Shield in Delhi

This shield is specifically designed to protect the ovaries from radiation exposure during treatment. Life Optoelectronics offers the Lead Ovarian Shield in Delhi, which is a specialized radiation protection device designed for women undergoing radiation therapy for cancer. The Lead Ovarian Shield is an innovative solution to this problem, offering women a way to protect their fertility while undergoing cancer treatment.

Lead Ovarian Shield Manufacturers in Delhi

The Lead Ovarian Shield is made of lead and is designed to be inserted into the vaginal canal, where it rests against the cervix. It works by shielding the ovaries from the harmful effects of radiation while allowing the tumour to be treated with radiation therapy. We are a reputed Lead Ovarian Shield Manufacturers in Delhi

Lead Acrylic Ovarian Shield Suppliers in India

Overall, the Lead Ovarian Shield offered by Life Optoelectronics is an important innovation in the field of cancer treatment. With this shield, women can have peace of mind knowing that they are doing everything possible to protect their fertility during a difficult time. We are considered the best Lead Acrylic Ovarian Shield Exporters in India.

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